TECH Freire is a school of many firsts.The first Freire school to feature makerspaces — complete with laser cutters, virtual reality and more — on campus and fully integrated into the school’s curriculum. The first to form an Entrepreneurship Club in partnership with the Fox School of Business. The first to compete in the MESA (Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement) Challenge through a partnership with Temple's College of Engineering. The list goes on—and there are many more firsts to come.

At TECH Freire, we provide the freedom and support teachers need to thrive. We encourage innovation because we know the same old way of doing things is not good enough for our kids. If you are an authentic, passionate and tenacious educator with a desire to serve, grow and lead, we would love to have you as part of our community.


“We are committed to our kids, and we’re committed to each other.”

Anthony Harris, 9th Grade Literature Teacher


About TECH Freire

Grades: 9-12

Founded: 2016

Total Students: 410

Location: 2221 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132

TECH Freire enrolls students from throughout Philadelphia, with a focus on students who live in the nearby Strawberry Mansion area. We work every day to be a true community school – an integrated and contributing part of our neighborhood.

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“Not only are we student-centered, but we’re also staff-centered.”

Meet Mr. Anthony

Classes: 9th Grade Literature

Leadership Roles: Mediation Program Coordinator

On Teaching at Freire: This is a school that doesn’t believe in pushing a school-to-prison pipeline culture—we don’t have metal detectors here, we don’t have security guards. Our kids don’t have to experience what you might experience at other schools around Philadelphia. I think we’re doing a really good job of creating spaces that are accessible for black and brown bodies, and spaces where there’s real-real learning happening, and where kids feel safe. Kids feel like there is a level of family that they’re able to gravitate towards and be a part of.