Freire's youngest Dragons have a motto: "Breathe Fire!" Freire Middle School is a place where students voluntarily redo assignments in order to prove to themselves and their teachers that they are continually growing. 

Most of our students arrive several years behind grade level. At Freire Middle School, they don’t just catch up — they make leaps in achievement, setting them up for even greater success in high school.

Talk to any teacher in our building, and their energy and positivity are immediately palpable. From our home-grown teacher coaching program to teacher-led professional development, Freire Middle School is a place for teachers who want to hone their craft and develop as leaders.


"We constantly push ourselves professionally, and in turn we regularly raise our expectations of what's possible for our students."

Chris Zagacki, Head of School


About Freire Middle School

Grades: 5-8

Founded: 2012

Total Students: 500

Location: 1027 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Freire Middle School was ranked #4 in the entire City of Philadelphia on the School District of Philadelphia’s annual School Progress Report, and was one of only two schools in the city to earn a perfect score in “Progress”—the District’s measure of students’ growth on standardized tests. 

On last year’s PSSAs, Freire Middle School students had the third highest Reading growth scores of any school in the state of Pennsylvania—and the 18th highest Math growth score out of the 2,000 middle schools in the state.

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"If you’re looking for a school environment where your ideas are heard and valued, this is the place to be."

Meet Ms. Brigitte

Classes: 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts

Leadership Roles: ELL Coordinator, 6th Grade Team Leader, Writing Center Coach

On Teaching at Freire: The value that leadership puts in teachers’ insight is something that I don’t hear going on in other schools. There’s trust from the leadership that teachers have strong sense of what kids need. They trust that we will make the right decisions for our kids. We’re a family. We work together, support each other, and believe in each other. We know that everyone is there for the students. We share the same vision, and we know that if we work together our kids will succeed. If you’re looking for a school environment where your ideas are heard and valued, this is the place to be. Freire is one of those places where they won’t let you fail and we won’t let the kids fail. We’re all in it together to achieve.