We’re sitting down with teachers from all four Freire campuses to talk about what it's like to be part of the Freire family. Check out their thoughts below, and check back for new interviews throughout the year!

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“I’m able to teach the way I want to teach, and teach the content that I think is best for my students.”

Mr. Darren

Campus: Freire Charter School Wilmington

Classes: 8th Grade Readings in Social Justice, 9th Grade Writing for Change, Health

Leadership Roles: Athletic Director, Basketball Coach

On Teaching at Freire: “Everyone here is supportive of one another. Everybody’s doing it for the kids-- there's no egos. Everybody's here to help kids be successful, graduate high school, get into college, and graduate college. That is Freire Wilmington's sole purpose, and everybody who works here understands that and is willing to support each other in helping achieve that goal.”


“Teaching is like putting on a one-man show four or five times a day.”

Mr. Chad

Campus: Freire Charter High School

Classes: English II

Leadership Roles: Mediation Program Co-Coordinator, Teacher Coach, Director of the Broken Leg Players

On Teaching at Freire: “There’s flexibility in the classroom—you’re able to design your own curriculum, you don’t have people breathing down your neck to do it their way, yet you also have a ton of support. Freire is a place where people believe in you. If you’re hired here, it’s because they believe you’re talented and you can do this and we want to see you bring something to the table.”


“If you’re looking for a school environment where your ideas are heard and valued, this is the place to be.”

Ms. Brigitte

Campus: Freire Charter Middle School

Classes: 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts

Leadership Roles: ELL Coordinator, 6th Grade Team Leader, Writing Center Coach

On Teaching at Freire: “The value that leadership puts in teachers’ insight is something that I don’t hear going on in other schools. There’s trust from the leadership that teachers have strong sense of what kids need. They trust that we will make the right decisions for our kids.”


We are committed to our kids, and we’re committed to each other.”

Mr. Anthony

Classes: 9th Grade Literature

Leadership Roles: Mediation Program Coordinator

On Teaching at Freire: “This is a school that doesn’t believe in pushing a school-to-prison pipeline culture—we don’t have metal detectors here, we don’t have security guards. Our kids don’t have to experience what you might experience at other schools around Philadelphia. I think we’re doing a really good job of creating spaces that are accessible for black and brown bodies, and spaces where there’s real-real learning happening, and where kids feel safe.”

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“I get to be the Social Studies teacher that I want to be here.”

Mr. Nathan

Classes: 10th Grade Power & Money, 11th Grade American History

Leadership Roles: Soccer Coach, Chess Team Coach, Student Council Advisor, Teacher Representative on School Board of Directors

On Teaching at Freire: “Paul fully trusts me as a teacher, that what I’m doing is right and is beneficial for the students. Trust is the big theme—there’s no one breathing down my neck for anything.”