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School leaders who believe in you. A master-teacher coach by your side. Colleagues who inspire you. And students whose breakthroughs become your own.

Then come talk to us about a career with Freire Charter Schools.


We are 1,900 students facing very real challenges and possessing incredible potential to make positive change in ourselves, our communities and the world.

We are 98 teachers and administrators all bound by our mission to help every one of our students reach their full potential, and in the process, continue to learn and grow ourselves.

We are 4 distinct schools in two different cities, guided by the same principles of equality, diversity, mutual respect and critical thought.

We are an unstoppable movement growing the legacy of our namesake, Paulo Freire. (That’s "free-air-ee" for those yet unintroduced.)

“I get to be the Social Studies teacher that I want to be here.”
— Mr. Nathan, 11th Grade American History

Freire provides the instructional freedom and autonomy teachers want and need. We encourage innovation because we know our students want and deserve the best from us. So what does this look like in the classroom?

Freire teachers:

  • Have the freedom to draw from multiple curricular resources to create their own instructional materials vs being forced to use scripted curriculum
  • Have the flexibility to supplement state mandated tests with unique assessments of their own —by building on formative and summative assessments created by their peers or by creating their own 
  • Have the green light from their leaders to take risks and innovate across the curriculum
“We allow great teachers the space and flexibility to own their curriculum and take risks.”
— Christopher Zagacki, Head of School

At Freire, we understand that each of our students, teachers and leaders brings unique perspectives, strengths and experiences to the table. We intentionally use this diversity to help teachers grow and reach their professional peak.  

Here’s how we help our teachers grow:

  • Peer observations - Teachers observe their peers, record their strategies in motion and reflect on them together.

  • Student feedback - We believe student voices deserve the same weight as a principal’s. Teachers are encouraged to actively seek out, hear and learn from our students’ feedback.

  • New teacher orientation - New Freire teachers are supported to get off to a strong start via multiple days of orientation to Freire’s culture and instructional approach.

  • Non-evaluative content coaching - All teachers engage in regular, content-driven coaching cycles where they receive targeted feedback to drive reflection and growth on their instructional practice. Coaching is provided by expert teacher-leaders and members of the school leadership team.

  • Professional learning communities - Teachers collaborate regularly via grade level and content teams, reflecting on student data, honing their content expertise and building their toolkit of instructional practices.

  • Common Planning Time - All teachers within grade-levels have regular, common planning time to drive alignment and enable collaboration.

  • External professional development - Teachers are given targeted opportunities to engage in high-impact external professional development.

“Advancement in our schools is determined by merit and ability rather than seniority or other measures.”
— Paul Ramirez, Head of School

If you want real opportunities to impact students and grow as an instructional leader, come and join us as a teacher-leader. 

Here are just some of the ways Freire teachers extend their impact beyond the classroom:

  • Academic Center Directors - Responsible for recruiting and leading a team of tutors to provide students with individualized after-school instruction.
  • Team Leaders - Coordinate and lead grade-level teachers to achieve ambitious learning goals for students and professional growth goals for teachers. Team leaders lead grade-level meetings and professional development, and provide additional coaching and support to teachers.
  • Teacher Coaches - Teachers at select campuses have the opportunity to extend their impact beyond their own classroom through coaching other teachers. These teachers receive professional development on coaching strategies and a reduced teaching schedule to free up time to share their expertise with other teachers.
“We work together, support each other, and believe in each other. We know that everyone is here for the students.”
— Ms. Brigitte, 6th grade Social Studies & Language Arts
Breathing Fire Day 2018

Breathing Fire Day 2018

Take Back the City 2018

Take Back the City 2018

Freire Wilmington Girls' Soccer

Freire Wilmington Girls' Soccer

Staff vs. Students Basketball Game

Staff vs. Students Basketball Game

At Freire, we know how important being a part of something that matters feels.  We believe in the power of a community that is connected to each other and connected to a common goal of supporting our students.

Become a part of our constantly growing, evolving and welcoming community.